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Remember our COVID Policy!

Protect yourself and our community.

To all those attending our Freshers Welcome Drinks tonight, please remember our event policy!

  1. Participants will be seated at randomly allocated, non-mixing tables of a maximum of six people. There cannot be any mingling between these tables while inside the venue (FREUD).

  2. Face coverings are mandatory when not seated at your designated table. OUSBMS strongly advises masks over scarves or other alternatives. When guests walk to, or from their table, FREUD requires them to wear a mask. This includes leaving the table to use the bathroom.

  3. FREUD operates only table service and has an online 'at table' ordering system on guests' phones.

  4. FREUD can take payment via card or with cash. OUSBMS recommends payment by card.

  5. In line with the law, FREUD requires guests to use either the NHS Track & Trace App or the FREUD sign-in sheet on arrival. This is so that if someone did have COVID-19 the other guests could be contacted. OUSBMS strongly recommends the NHS Track & Track App.

  6. FREUD takes the temperatures of each guest and each member of staff (before work begins) prior to their entry to FREUD. Anyone with an elevated temperature is denied entry to ensure the safety of other guests.

  7. Hand sanitiser will be available, but OUSBMS highly recommends that you also bring your own (containing 70% alcohol or higher). Please sanitise your hands regularly.

  8. FREUD staff wear face masks and gloves for the duration of services

  9. This event may be cancelled at any time due to changing government restrictions or university policies. Should this happen, you will receive an invite to a virtual event.

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